Judge’s Court is a 300 year old ancestral cottage

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Judge’s Court is a 300 year old ancestral cottage Situated at an altitude of 2000 ft. In the Kangra region, Himachal Pradesh, Pragpur is a well-known heritage village that holds a lot of religious, historical and cultural significance. The first heritage village of the country was established somewhere in the 17th century by Kuthiala sub-caste of the Sood community that resided in the region. It has been restored with painstaking attention to original techniques but with the introduction of modern plumbing and lighting. Alongside this ancestral cottage is a large country manor designed in the Indo-European tradition – set amidst 12 acres of orchards overlooking the Dauladhar Mountains – built in 1918 by Bhandhari Ram for his son, Justice Sir Jai Lal. The property was therefore commonly referred to as Judge Sahib Ki Kothi and the name of The WelcomHeritage Judge’s Court stuck. The village of Pragpur was classified as…

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