Simhastha Kumbh – An unrivalled celebration in India.

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Image Credit: ercotravels. com

 The name Kumbh Mela literally means “kumbha fair”. It is known as Kumbh in Hindi ; in Sanskrit and some other Indian languages, it is more often known by its original name “Kumbha”. The Kumbh mela at Ujjain going on a prestigious baths and Ujjain kumbh is also called as Simhast kumbh, while a planet is in Leo ; in this case, it is also known as Simhastha.  The Kumbh mela at Ujjain is held at the banks of the river Shipra. The Simhastha is special in Ujjain as it is the seat of divine Mahakal – the Lord of all times. The ritual of bathing in the holy waters of shipra begins on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Chaitra (March-April) and continues on various dates until the full moon shows up in the following month of Vaishakha. According to medieval Hindu…

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