The Laughing spirit

Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.- Charlie Chaplin

A comedy is a play, book, movie or TV show that is fun, entertaining and often makes us laugh. It can be full of surprises or silly situations that we don’t expect and it almost always has a happy ending. The word comedy can also be used to describe an event or occurrence that was funny. A dramatic work that is light and often humorous or satirical in tone and that usually contains a happy resolution of the thematic conflict. Comedy is not a science, it’s art. Therefore there are no rules and it can be very subjective. What one person finds funny another might cringe at. One thing worth noting is that when analyzing comedy and what is funny, it is almost like it is only visible out of the corner of your eye. A comedy is a performance with a happy ending where good wins out over all the problems in the story. It is meant to make its audience laugh. A comedy comes in the form of movies, plays or television shows and is intended mostly for entertainment, though it sometimes holds certain messages the writer intends to convey.

What is comedy and what makes something funny are in fact two different things. The one is about the material; the other is about the delivery. You could be reading from a book of jokes, but if you don’t know how to communicate those jokes in a funny way…no laughs. So understand that a good definition of comedy will help you to create the seed of humor, but you will have to develop an extra set of skills for performance. A good sense of humor can’t cure all ailments, but data are mounting about the positive things laughter can do. When you start to laugh, it doesn’t just lighten your load mentally, it actually induces physical changes in your body. Laughter can: Stimulate many organs. Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphin that are released by your brain. Activate and relieve your stress response.

Stand up comedy has often been described as one of the hardest acts to pull off. It basically consists of one person standing in front of an audience and trying to make them laugh. Many professionals say that sit can be harsh and lonely. This may be where the phrase, I died up there, first originated. Stand Up comedy is about finding the bravery to step up and withstand every muscle in your body screaming for you to stop what you’re doing and run. It is about facing those first few sets with nobody laughing and convincing yourself that you are good enough to get on stage again.

Comedy Hunt is property owned, administered and promoted by OML Entertainment Private Limited, herein after referred to as “Promoter”. OML has decided to launch talent hunt for India’s next online comedy star. all you have to do is post a funny video on ‘The Comedy hunt’ on YouTube which will then be evaluated by India’s top online comedy talents such as AIB, Kanan Gill, East India Comedy etc. ‘The Comedy Hunt’ – a talent hunt show which aims to discover budding comic talent across the country. The hunt will be for India’s next big comedy star on YouTube. Some of the best comedians from the country will guide, set tasks and inspire aspiring creators on this journey. A rib-tickling promo for the hunt has been released on AIB’s official YouTube channel featuring some of the popular YouTubers taking pot shots at each other, while brainstorming to find the next big star on YouTube who will create refreshing and original content. Entry in the Comedy Hunt is open to individuals or group of individuals aged 18 years and over as of 1st June, 2015 and residents of India. Entry videos can be in any language. However, subtitles must be added to videos that are in languages other than English or Hindi.  The contest will be judged in three stages. After the audition phase, the selected entries will be picked out by the mentors and challenges will be set for them over the course of seven weeks. The top five contestants will get a chance to perform with the mentors and one of them will emerge as the winner.

Live In Style is ‘the’ place to be in for the latest news in music, films, celebrity parties, travel, fashion, food and all things cool. Everything you needed to know about partying till dawn and leading the glamorous life, served on a delicious platter! The  team is highly qualified writers scan every nook and cranny on a daily basis to bring to you – stories of glamour, gossip from celebrity manors, tips on hosting parties that become the talk of town, easy-to-cook gourmet recipes, music recommendations from the party circuit and movies that are worth your hard-earned bucks. Simple to say one of the fastest-growing properties on the Internet, reaches more than 300,000 users in India across all its digital platforms. plays a great role to promote Stand up comedy.

Modern Pubs, Bars &Clubs

The area of the hotel & Resort where alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are mixed and served. Typical locations include the hotel lobby, inside the restaurant or poolside. Often a bar inside a restaurant serves from the full restaurant menu, and can be a great way to be seated and dine right away, even when the restaurant has a long wait. A bar  (also known as a saloon or a tavern or sometimes a pub or club, referring to the actual establishment, as in pub bar or club bar etc.) is a retail business establishment that serves alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, liquor, cocktails, and other beverages like mineral water and soft drinks and often sell snack foods, like crisps or peanuts, for consumption on premises. Some types of bars, such as pubs, may also have serve food from a restaurant menu.

Farzi Cafe – A look into the future

The only true requirement of a great hotel is that it have a decent bar somewhere on the premises. They could leave out the front desk, room service, even the beds; surely we’d all find spots at the bar to keep us safe and warm until morning. Farzi Cafe It’s a perfect blend of modern culinary techniques of molecular gastronomy. The menu has always been the soul of Farzi Café, with its take on global comfort food using fresh and robust ingredients and fusing them with Indian cooking styles & flavors. It is a high energy space offering a casual dining ambiance, and fusion dishes from around the world along with an array of cocktails and liquor options to choose from. It is the place one would choose for a get together with friends, a cozy meal with the loved ones, and for a never-before-showcased Indian dining experience.

* Information on the traditional uses and properties of herbs/ animals/ yoga/ places  are provided on this site is for educational use only, and is not intended as medical advice. all image credit goes to their Photographers.


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