Spirit of Learning – Varanasi Boat School

In India the Literacy is still round 74% on an average. There are proper Education facilities lacking in the country. India, in Varanasi there are thousands of fisherman’s and they only depend upon River Ganga. The children of Fisherman’s or other backward classes that is not able to educate their children.

Mean While even though the Man Ajeet Singh started an Education system is a major Achievement in itself ” School on Boat.

Ajeet Singh – started an under-age and innovative ‘boat school’ in Varanasi. This is an Ideal Learning environment. In #Varanasi Boat school a Great #magical transformation being held over there. Boat School considered great leading steps in the world of Learning. In Boat School the children spend two hours of their regular classes. In school children study, Playing & Learning about various subjects. Do Right starting to makeover the boat school and providing the necessary Facilities like an Educational library, Stationery Knowledge about Computer and Arts Learning. Education is the best way to empower children, especially girls. With education, children, families, communities and even nations can break the cycle of poverty.

Your donation, large or small, helps us to offer high-quality education to destitute Children’s of India. Whether you choose to make a regular donation or a gift, your generosity will help sustain our integrated education, health care and community work at Do Right. You are transforming the future of the Indian community, giving their children a real opportunity to transition to poverty and enjoy happy, healthy childhood. Please share this project your social Networks of #ScholarShip or #india4india

we are delighted that Tata Capital – Do Right is becoming a role model for how a Rural school can create confident, imaginative first generation Learners and also be a successful hub for community related Development.


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